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Miguel Gómez
Photographer | Visual Artist
American / Born in Bogotá, Colombia - March 29, 1974.
Based in New York City.
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I work producing photographs that aim to obtain a reflection on diverse aspects of our modern-day culture.

In capturing a display of objects, the forms of nature, the array of urban landscapes, or the unpredictability of human form -and in my research, I explore phenomenology on both neutral and conditioned backgrounds.

I intend to generate an understanding on how the significance of what we see affects others, and how it creates a lasting impression in our memory.

Miguel Gómez.


The Present:
Home-based in NYC, I have worked for numerous clients and for commissioned commercial, fine art & personal projects in the U.S.A. Great Britain, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia. My work has been exhibited in several galleries and is part of private art collections.

Working with top-of-the-line equipment in both film and digital platforms, my involvement in visual projects is definitely enthusiastic. I am committed to providing my clients -old and new, with outstanding imagery and excellent results.

The Background:
Before completing my University studies, I was already shooting extensively for high-profile magazines. I provided work for almost every major publication in Bogotá -for more than 5 years-, and for advertising agencies such as Lowe & Partners, Bates, and Ogilvy & Mather. My photographs were featured in many local and international publications including Fucsia, Estilo Fedco, Axxis, Rolling Stone, and Architectural Digest among others. My work covered fashion, portraiture, architecture, stills, and reportage.

In addition, I lectured on different levels of photography at Bogotá's top universities for 7 years, before deciding to settle more permanently in the U.S. and travel around the U.K. and continental Europe to focus more deeply on my personal work and expand on my international experience.

The Beginning:
I completed my bachelor's degree in Bogotá in late 1999, majoring in Advertising with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Although I had also been attending a BA in Architecture previously, I understood that none of these choices matched my real professional motivation completely, and I decided to put all my efforts into pursuing a career in Photography. My experience with the medium dates from my teenage years; since 1989 I have been shooting photographs on a permanent basis.

The Inspiration:
The opportunity to travel frequently has given me a broader perspective of cultural aspects that transcend fashion and artistic frontiers.

Regarding my artistic influences, music and cinematography are at the core of my visual approach. My intense love of music has made me DJ and play bass in several bands. Other influences include Plastic Arts movements like Surrealism, Pop Art, and the German Bauhaus movement.

* Full CV + more info available on request.

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